What to Wear When You’re House Hunting

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There’s a winning formula for your closing clothing.

Whether it’s your first time buying a house or you’re upgrading to bigger digs, your personal presentation can play a crucial part in your success. You want to project that you’re a mature, responsible, and financially stable adult—don’t let your clothes tell a different story. Stylist Charlotte Jenkins shares her top style tips for securing your dream home.

Part One: Meeting Your Bank or Lender

You need an outfit that looks polished, professional, and responsible without overdoing it. The bank knows your profession—so avoid going overboard and looking fake.

“Ladies should wear either a tailored dress pant and blouse or a work-appropriate shift dress with a blazer,” says Charlotte. “This is one instance where you want to avoid crazy patterns and bold colors that might rub people the wrong way.”

Guys should dress things up, too. “If you wear a suit to work every day, wear one to your bank meeting with a sharp tie and briefcase,” says Charlotte. “If you are more casual at work, opt for a sharp blazer paired with chinos and a crisp tucked-in dress shirt with a nice leather belt.”

And don’t let chilly temps hide your outfit! Add a tailored overcoat or slip off your bulky coat and leave it in the car.

Your personal presentation can play
a crucial part in your success.”

Part Two: The Open House

At open houses, you’ll want to appear warm, friendly, and relatable. Bonus points if you can look like you’re handy around the house—without wearing a tool belt!

“Women should opt for dark denim paired with a crisp button-up or a thin cashmere knit,” says Charlotte. “Be polished and clean with your color choices, and layer on some simple jewelry to accessorize.” Meanwhile, a good combo for men is chinos or tailored dark denim plus a thin sweater and blazer or casual sport shirt.

It’s also important to remember that many open houses have a shoes-off policy. “Make sure your socks are clean and they match and that your shoes are easy to remove,” says Charlotte.

source: http://www.thescottbrothers.com/what-to-wear-when-house-hunting/

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