About Melkro

360 degree virtual tour
these virtual tours show every view and angle of your house and they
are great ways to attract customers attention.
Use photos & videos
Use high quality photos and videos to introduce your house.Use them wisely
as much as you can because they are the first things that customers look at
Add property floor plans
plan is one of the most important features of a house.
in this site you are able to add plans of each floors of a house.
Properties location maps
we have two kind of map for users; half map and full map .You can
find nearby houses around your self with radius search in map.
Properties galleries
different type of galleries are available to explore properties.these
beatiful galleries are amazing ways to show or find your house.
Advanced property search
finding your favourite house is easy in melkro. You can use advanced
filters to see which properties are close to your choice.

Our mission

Melkro is a real estate website which uses latest available tools and
technologies to make finding your house easier and faster.
We believe that high quality services seperates us from other websites.
With Melkro you will find your custumers quickly.Using our site is
enjoying and easy for everyone.

Our aim is to help people to find their ideal houses and to make
buying process less stressful for them. We want our site to be
a site that everyone can trust and use. We also want to help sellers
and real estate agents and agencies to achieve their marketing goals.

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